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DJI Spark Wall Mount

by Paul Balzer on 20. Juli 2017

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Doesn’t it look great on the wall? Yeah! That’s why I created the DJI Spark wall mount. While your intelligent flight battery is recharged in the charging station, you can mount the DJI Spark safely on the wall. The wall mount is basically a hook, perfectly shaped like the intelligent flight battery, so your Spark will hang safely on this wall mount. I used Tesa™ Posterstrips or Powerstrips to attach it to the wall.

3D print your own

You can use Shapeways as 3D print provider to print your own:

  3D print it at Shapeways

Or you can download the .dae file to print it at home.


DJI Spark on the wall

DJI Spark on the wall with the wall mount

Video of the DJI Spark Wall Mount